Struggling with Tradition: Reservations about Active Martyrdom in the Middle Ages

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Juni 2004



The phenomenon of active martyrdom, including the slaughter of children and suicide, was practiced, admired and hailed since the persecutions of the First Crusade and mainly in the Ashkenazic cultural sphere. We find it also in Iberia during the 14th-15th centuries. This monograph highlights the opposition to this practice within Jewish society, emphasizing its continuity from its inception in various social and rabbinical circles.


PREFACE Active Martyrdom During the First Crusade in Ashkenaz - Tradition or Innovation? CHAPTER ONE Active and Passive Martyrdom in Mainz 1096 CHAPTER TWO Halakhic and Human Dilemma: Ashkenazic Struggle with its Own Tradition - Continuity of the Phenomenon and development of Traditions-Halakhic References and Discussions-Conclusions CHAPTER THREE The Iberian Peninsula Introduction-Active Martyrdom in 1391-Ashkenazic Ideology of Martyrdom in Sefarad in the Fifteenth Century-Portugal 1493-1497-The Sources-The Abduction of the Children: Between 1493 and 1497-The "Simple People of Israel" and the "Heads of Israel"; Two Roads to Martyrdom in the Mass Forced-Conversion in Lisbon-Summary


Abraham Gross Ph.D. (1982) Harvard University, is Associate Professor of Medieval Jewish History, specializing in Medieval Jewish History and Literature. He is member of the staff of Ben-Gurion University since 1982. Major areas of research until the mid 1990s were the history of culture of Iberian Jewry, on which he published two books and scores of articles. In the last decade he focused on the history of Jewish martyrdom, spanning 2,200 years. He is former head of Jewish History Track and presently a member of the academic committee of the Ben-Gurion University Publishing House.
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