Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling

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This book contains a coherent and self-contained account of macroscopic quantum phenomena, focusing on the central role played by macroscopic quantum tunneling. Beginning with an explanation of the nature and significance of the Schrö dinger's cat concept, Shin Takagi introduces macroscopic quantum tunneling. He deals with typical examples in detail, elucidating how quantum mechanical coherence may be lost (so-called "decoherence") or how it may be maintained despite the effects of environment and measurement processes. Assuming only a knowledge of elementary quantum mechanics, this book emphasizes conceptual aspects rather than technical details.


1. Introduction; 2. Overview of macroscopic quantum tunneling; 3. Some candidate systems for macroscopic quantum tunneling; 4. Environmental problems; 5. Harmonic environment; 6. Quantum resonant oscillation in the harmonic environment; 7. Quantum decay in the harmonic environment; 8. General versus harmonic environments; 9. The cat in the moonlight; 10. Appendix A. Euclidean space and Hilbert space; 11. Appendix B. Virtual ground state of a system of a single degree of freedom and its decay; 12. Appendix C. Functional derivative; 13. Appendix D. Miscellanea about spin; 14. References.


Shin Takagi is Professor of Physical Sciences at Fuji Tokoha University and is probably best known for the Leggett-Takagi equation explaining the spin dynamics of superfluid helium 3.

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