Advances in Group Processes: Vol 13 (Advances in Group Processes)

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Juli 1996



This is the 13th volume in a series of theoretical, review and empirically-based papers on group phenomena. The series adopts a broad conception of 'group processes' consistent with prevailing ones in the social psychological literature.


Paranoia, distrust, and suspicion within social groups: a social categorization perspective, Roderick M. Kramer; Member diversity and leadership effectiveness: procedural justice, social identity, and group dynamics, Tom R. Tyler et al; Physical ability as a diffuse status characteristic: implications for small group interaction, Nancy L. Eisland, Cathryn Johnson; Identity and friendship: affective dynamics and network formation, Dawn T. Robinson; Identity work as group process, Michael L. Schwalbe, Douglas Mason-Schrock; Punishment and coercion in social exchange, Linda D. Molm; Understanding the positive consequences of psychosocial stressors, Michael J. Shanahan, Jeylan T. Mortimer; The family devalued: the treatment of the family in small groups literature, Lala Carr et al; Metamethodology and procedural decisions in theoretical experimentation: the case of power processes in bargaining, Rebecca Ford.
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