Research in Politics and Society: The Political Economy of Race and Ethnicity

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Mai 2000



This series examines the interrelations of politics and society, bringing together articles from an international and interdisciplinary community of scholars. This title examines global perspectives on the political economy of race and ethnicity.


List of contributors. Introduction. Racial and ethnic inequality and struggle from the colonial era to the present: drawing the global color line (P. Batur-VanderLippe, J. Feagin). The Formulation and Expansion of Global Racial and Ethnic Inequality. Indian icons in the world series of racism: institutionalization of the racial symbols of Wahoos and Indians (J.V. Fenelon). Racism and the making of American foreign policy: the "Terrible Turk" as icon and metaphor (J.M. VanderLippe). Globalization, autonomy, and transnational migration: impacts on US intergroup relations (N.P. Rodriguez). "This is a white country": the racial ideology of the western nations of the world-system (E. Bonilla-Silva). Nation, race or class? Defining the Hutu and Tutsi of East Africa (T. Longman). Institutionalization and Maintenance of Racial and Ethnic Inequality. Rethinking the terms of the affirmative action debate established in the regents of the University of California V. Bakke Decision (L.C. Harris). "I never owned slaves": The Euro-American construction of the racialized other (A.E. Ansell, J.M. Statman). Racialized media discourses in the "new" South Africa: the Makgoba controversy (K. Farquharson). El Apostol y El Comandante En Jefe: dialectics of racial discourse and racial practice in Cuba, 1890-1999 (E. Logan). Excluded essentials: the politics of ethnicity, oil, and citizenship in Saudi Arabia (G. Okruhlik). Race and rights in Fiji (J.D. Kelly, M. Kaplan). The racist wave in the united Germany, 1990-1997 (H. Kramer). Resistance and Struggle. The "Haytian Fear": racial projects and competing reactions to the first black republic (M. Sheller). Mind, heart and action: understanding the dimensions of antiracism (E. O Brien). Exploring global racism in Chile: chronicle of the early stages of a study (H. Vera). My study of prejudice: a lifelong journey (M.R. Dunlap).
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