The Transformation of Work

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This text explores the changes that are unfolding in the character of work, managerial authority, and the employment relationship at the beginning of 21st century. It asks how such changes are reshaping people's working lives and the nature of their careers.


Managerial resistance to high performance workplace practices, I.M. Taplin; organizations, occupations and the structuration of work, M. Lounsbury and W.N. Kaghan; it's not just what you know, it's who you know - technical knowledge, rainmaking and gender among finance executives, M. Blair-Loy; do high performance work systems pay off?, E. Appelbaum et al; careers and contradictions -faculty responses to the commercialization of the life sciences, J. Owen-Smith and W.W. Powell; can self-managing teams be truly cross-functional? gender barriers to a "new" division of labour, M. Ollilainen and J. Rothschild; the social construction of overtime, P.V. Martorana and P. Hirsch; what's left of worker's solidarity? workplace innovation and workers' attitudes toward the firm, M. Kuhlmann and M. Schumann; workers rule - relations in production at a cooperative workplace, S. Hernandez; technocratic teamwork - mitigating polarization and cultural marginalization in an engineering firm, G. Daday and B. Burris; deciding to work less in a high-level profession - negotiating strategies and consequences of reduced-hours careers in medicine, L. Lundgren et al; lean or just mean? the flexibilization of labour in the Australian hotel industry, N. Timo.
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