Research in Organizational Behavior

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November 2001



This 23rd volume of "Research in Organizational Behavior" presents papers on a variety of topics in the field of organizational behaviour, with the twin goals of consolidating prior research and breaking new theoretical ground.


Organizational paranoia - origins and dynamics, R.M. Kramer; Is it lonely at the top? The independence and interdependence of power holders, F. Lee, L.Z. Tiedens; Symbols as a language of organizational relationships, M.G. Pratt, A. Rafaeli; Personal initiative: an active performance concept for work in the 21st century, M. Frese, D. Fay; The unfolding model of voluntary turnover and job embeddedness - foundations for a comprehensive theory of attachment, T.R. Mitchell, T.W. Lee; Racioethnicity and job performance - a review and critique of theoretical perspectives on the causes of group differences, L. Roberson, C.J. Block; A contingent configuration approach to understanding the role of personality in organizational groups, L.M. Moynihan, R.S. Peterson; Information processing in traditional, hybrid, and virtual teams - from nascent knowledge to transactive memory, T.L. Griffith, M.A. Neale.
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