The Historical Geography of Scotland Since 1707: Geographical Aspects of Modernisation

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Dezember 2003



This is the first book to take a comprehensive view of the historical geography of Scotland since the Union. The period is divided into sections separated by the Napoleonic Wars and the First World War, and each section offers a general view followed by detailed studies giving a balanced coverage of regional and urban-rural criteria, and the economic infrastructure. The book contains a number of original researches and Dr Turnock attempts to set the Scottish experience in a framework of general ideas on modernisation.


List of figures; List of tables; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Scotland before 1707; Part I. Scotland from 1707 to 1821: 3. General review; 4. Agricultural improvement; 5. The planned village movement; 6. The whisky industry; Part II. Scotland from 1821 to 1914: 7. General review; 8. Glasgow and the Clyde; 9. The iron and steel industry; 10. Crofting in north Scotland; Part III. Scotland Since 1914: 11. General review; 12. Planning for the Central Belt; 13. Forestry; 14. Island perspectives; 15. Conclusion; Appendix; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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