Reshaping Teaching in Higher Education: A Guide to Linking Teaching with Research

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Juni 2005



Linking research with teaching is one of the main topics in the educational development world. This practice-based guide shows how academic research activity can be connected to academic teaching activity, to ensure that neither operates in a vacuum - and each can be enhanced by the other.;Addressing issues at the individual, course and institutional level, and written for an international readership, this volume should be useful to course leaders and educational developers.


Overview - reshaping teaching in higher education to support the links between teaching and research; What research and scholarship tell us about teaching-research relationships in higher education; Academic research and student motivation in higher education; Designing the curriculum to link teaching and research; Organising the institution to link teaching and research; Organising the department to link teaching and research; Organising the national and international administration of higher education to link teaching and research.


Professor Alan Jenkins, Westminster Institute, Oxford Brookes University. Rosanna Breen, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Dr Roger Lindsay Department of Psychology, Oxford Brookes University. Dr Angela Brew Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Sydney
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