Regional Science Perspectives Economic Analysis: A Festschrift in Memory of Benjamin H. Stevens (Contributions to Economic Analysis S.)

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It is the intention of the editors to make available with this book a selection of current work in regional economics and regional science.


Forewords. Preface. Introduction. Agglomeration analysis: the outgrowth of a gravity-electromagnetic (GEM) model (W. Isard). Spatial price equilibrium: the influence of a blind giant on urban land use modeling (W.L. Garrison). The legacy of the Herbert-Stevens model (B. Harris). Values and criteria: modeling choices (T.A. Reiner). A spatial production model for analysis of the American farming frontier (R.C. Douglas, T.E. Smith). Network equilibrium models of travel choices with multiple classes (D. Boyce, H. Bar-Gera). Nonlinear demand and spatial price policy (M.J. Beckmann). The multiplant monopolist in a spatial environment (A.P. Hurter et al.). Spatial-cycle race for urbanization and suburbanization: the Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya metropolitan areas (T. Kawashima, N. Hiraoka). Hayek and cities: guidelines for regional scientists (P. Gordon, H.W. Richardson). Cultural barriers and policy response in the transboundary transmission of development: a comparative study (A.L. Silvers). Quality of life differences among locations (C.L. Leven). Targeting industries for regional development in Israel and in Germany - a comparative study (D. Shefer et al.). The changing information technology roles of the American states, 1986-1996 (R.D. Norton). Competitive advantage of regional internal and external supply chains (K.R. Polenske). Consumption equations for a multiregional forecasting and policy analysis model (G. Treyz, L. Petraglia). Skewed distributions of technical coefficients and industries' order of production in input-output models (E. Romanoff). Assessing the spatial variation in U.S. technology (R.W. Jackson). The regional economic impacts of casino gambling (A.Z. Rose). Anti-suppressants and the creation and use of non-survey regional input-output models (S. Gerking et al.). A taxonomy of extractions (R.E. Miller, M.L. Lahr).


...Twenty-one papers presented in a set of special sessions in memory of Benjamin H. Stevens, at the November 1998 meetings of the Regional Science Association International in Santa Fe. Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 40, No. 2, June 2002 ...The volume will be of interest to students of intellectual history as well as those whose work involves the application of social sciences to spatial phenomena. Publication in Elsevier's "Contributions to Economic Analysis" series is an appropriate memorial to the contributions initiated by Ben Stevens during a career cut short by an untimely death. Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 42, No. 3, 2002 ...This volume is a wonderful tribute to this man whose research contributions continue to excite debate in the Regional Science community. Economic Systems Research, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2003 ...Many of the papers in this volume come from a special set of sessions organised by Michael Lahr at the 1998 meetings of the Regional Science Association International to commemorate Ben Stevens' life and work in regional science (Stevens died in November 1997). ...Clearly, this volume consists of a wide-ranging collection of papers, which reflects the wide range in interests and contributions of Ben Stevens. ...In short, the volume seems a fitting tribute to Ben Stevens. Urban Studies, Vol. 40, No. 13, December 2003 ...Indeed, the legacy of Stevens as one of the founding fathers of the regional science is more than sufficient to justify publishing this volume. In addition, the variety of topics presented in this book reveals the richness of approaches to the spatial analysis of economic development. ...This volume is appropriate for those who want to expose problems and analysis in regional science. The Annals of Regional Science, Vol. 38, No. 1, March 2004
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