The Cambridge History of Christianity: World Christianities C.1815-C.1914

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Dezember 2005



The first scholarly treatment of nineteenth century Christianity discussing the subject in a global context.


1. Introduction Sheridan Gilley; Part I. Christianity and Modernity: 2. The papacy Sheridan Gilley; 3. Theology and the revolt against the Enlightenment Douglas Hedley; 4. The growth of voluntary religion David Bebbington; 5. Catholic revivalism in worship and devotion Mary Heimann; 6. Women preachers and the new orders Janice Holmes and Susan O'Brien; 7. Church architecture and religious art Andrew Sanders; 8. Musical trends in the Western church: a collision of the 'ancient' and 'modern' Jeremy Dibble; 9. Christianity and literature in English Andrew Sanders; 10. Christian social thought John Molony and David M. Thompson; 11. Christianity and the sciences Nicolaas Rupke; 12. History and the Bible John Rogerson; 13. Popular religion and irreligion in the countryside and town David M. Thompson; Part II. The Churches and National Identities: 14. Catholic Christianity in France from the restoration to the separation of church and state, 1815-1905 James McMillan; 15. Italy: the Church and the Risorgimento Frank J. Coppa; 16. Catholicism, Ireland and the Irish diaspora Sheridan Gilley; 17. Catholic nationalism in Greater Hungary and Poland Gabriel Adrianyi and Jerzy Koczowski; 18. Christianity and the creation of Germany Anthony J. Steinhoff; 19. Anglicanism, Presbyterianism and the religious identities of the United Kingdom John Wolffe; 20. Protestant dominance: Switzerland and the Netherlands Urs Altermatt and Michael Wintle; 21. Scandinavia: Lutherism and national identity Dag Thorkildsen; 22. 'Christian America' and 'Christian Canada' Mark A. Noll; 23. Spain and Portugal: the challenge to the church William Callahan; 24. Latin America: the church and national independence John Lynch; 25. Between East and West: the Eastern Catholic ('Uniate') churches Robert J. Taft; Part III. The Expansion of Christianity: 26. African-American Christianity Jon Sensbach; 27. Christian missions, anti-slavery and the claims of humanity, c.1813-73 Brian Stanley; 28. The Middle East: Western missions and the Eastern Churches, Islam and Judaism Heleen Murre-van den Berg; 29. Christians and religious traditions in the Indian Empire Robert Eric Frykenberg; 30. Christianity in East Asia: China, Korea and Japan Daniel H. Bays and James H. Grayson; 31. Christianity in Indochina Peter Phan; 32. Christianity as Church and story and the birth of the Filipino nation in the nineteenth century Jose Mario C. Francisco; 33. Christianity in Australasia and the Pacific Stuart Piggin and Allan Davidson; 34. Missions and Empire, c.1873-1914 Andrew Porter; 35. Ethiopianism and the roots of modern African Christianity Ogbu U. Kalu; 36. The outlook for Christianity in 1914 Brian Stanley.


Brian Stanley is Director of the Henry Martyn Centre for the study of Mission and world Christianity in the Cambridge Theological Federation and a fellow of St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge. Sheridan Gilley is an Emeritus Reader in Theology of the University of Durham. He is the author of Newman and his Age (republished, 2003) and of numerous articles on modern religious history.


'The project is unprecedented and very welcome. Not least among the strengths of these volumes are the large bibliographies, including many works by the essayists involved.' Times Literary Supplement '... the editors and writers are to be congratulated on bringing order out of a difficult but fascinating period. It is certainly a volume that fulfils one of the functions of history: to help us understand present problems better by looking at the past ... it must be said that CUP has not departed from its usual standards of production. Footnotes, bibliography and index are impeccable, and this reviewer did not find a single misprint.' Church Times '... this is a superb work, an essential work of reference that can be read and enjoyed for the stimulation and information it provides.' Church of England Newspaper 'This latest volume in this prestigious series looks at what is arguably the most important century in Christian history, whether in Western Europe, Britain, the United States, the British Empire or the Far East. ... this is an admirable collection that brings readers the latest thinking on a wide variety of fields.' Contemporary Review ' ... the editors have set out through their commissioning of chapters to demonstrate that over the course of the nineteenth century the centre of gravity of Christianity moved decisively beyond the confines of Europe.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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