World Christianities C.1914-C.2000

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A comprehensive history of Christianity in the century when it truly became a global religion.


1. Introduction Hugh McLeod; 2. Being a Christian in the early twentieth century Hugh McLeod; Part I. Institutions and Movements: 3. The papacy John Pollard; 4. Ecumenism David M. Thompson; 5. Christianity, colonialism and missions Kevin Ward; 6. The pentacostal and charismatic movements Allan Anderson; 7. Independency in Africa and Asia Allan Anderson and Edmund Tang; Part II. Narratives of Change: 8. The Great War Michael Snape; 9. Church and state in Europe in the age of the dictators Martin Conway; 10. Latin America c.1914-c.1950 Christopher Abel; 11. African Christianity: from the World Wars to decolonisation Ogbu U. Kalu; 12. The African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Europe from pre-emancipation to the present day Roswith Gerloff; 13. Christianity in the United States during the inter-war years Colleen McDannell; 14. Christian churches in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, 1914-70 Katharine Massam; 15. Catholicism and Protestantism in the Second World War in Europe Andrew Chandler; 16. The Cold War, the hegemony of the United States and the golden age of Christian democracy Dianne Kirby; 17. The religious ferment of the sixties Michael Walsh; 18. The crisis of Christianity in the West: entering a post-Christian era? Hugh McLeod; 19. The revolutions in Eastern Europe and the beginnings of the post-Communist era Philip Walters; 20. The transformation of Latin American Christianity, c.1950-2000 Edward L. Cleary; 21. Religion and racism: struggles around segregation, 'Jim Crow' and Apartheid Steve de Gruchy; 22. Post-colonial Christianity in Africa David Maxwell; 23. South Asia, 1911-2003 Chandra Mallampalli; 24. Christianity in Southeast Asia: 1914-2000 John Roxborogh; 25. East Asia Richard Fox Young; Part III. Social and Cultural Impact: 26. Liturgy Bryan Spinks; 27. The 'Other': (i) Relations between Christians and Jews (1914-2000) Daniel Langton; (ii) Muslims David Thomas; (iii) Buddhists and Hindus David Cheetham; (iv) Theologies of religions David Cheetham; 28. Wealth and poverty Duncan B. Forrester; 29. Male and female: (i) Marriage and the family Adrian Thatcher; (ii) Homosexuality David Hilliard; (iii) Patriarchy and women's emancipation Pirjo Markkola; (iv) The Church as women's space Pirjo Markkola; 30. Christianity and the sciences Peter J. Bowler; 31. Literature and the arts: (i) Literature and film David Jasper; (ii) Music and Christianity in the twentieth century Andrew Wilson-Dickson; (iii) Christianity and art Jutta Vinzent; (iv) Church architecture Nigel Yates; 32. Role-models Hugh McLeod; 33. Being a Christian at the end of the twentieth century Hugh McLeod.


Hugh McLeod is Professor of Church History at the University of Birmingham. His many publications include Secularisation in Western Europe 1848-1914 (2000).


'The project is unprecedented and very welcome. Not least among the strengths of these volumes are the large bibliographies, including many works by the essayists involved.' Times Literary Supplement 'This book really is indispensable reading.' Church Times '... this is really a most useful collection ...' Contemporary Review '... fascinating and tantalising ...' The English Historical Review
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