Cognition and Multi-Agent Interaction: From Cognitive Modeling to Social Simulation

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Explores the intersection between individual cognitive modeling and modeling of multi-agent interaction.


Part I. Introduction: 1. Prolegomena to integrating cognitive modeling and social simulation Ron Sun; Part II. Overviews of Cognitive Architectures: 2. Modeling paradigms in ACT-R Niel Taatgen, Christian Lebiere and John Anderson; 3. Considering Soar as an agent architecture Robert Wray and Randolph M. Jones; 4. The CLARION cognitive architecture: extending cognitive modeling to social simulation Ron Sun; Part III. Modeling and Simulating Cognitive and Social Processes: 5. Cognitive architectures, game playing, and human evolution Robert West, Christian Lebiere, and Dan Bothell; 6. Simulating a simple case of organizational decision making Isaac Naveh and Ron Sun; 7. Cognitive modeling of social behaviors William J. Clancey, Maarten Sierhuis, Bruce Damer, and Boris Brodsky; 8. Cognitive agents interacting in real and virtual worlds Brad Best and Christian Lebiere; 9. Modeling social emotions and social attributions Jonathan Gratch, Wenji Mao, and Stacy Marcella; 10. Communicating and collaborating with robotic agents J. Gregory Trafton, Alan C. Schultz, Nicholas L. Cassimatis, Laura M. Hiatt, Dennis Perzanowski, Derek P. Brock, Magdalena D. Bugajska, and William Adams; 11. Behavior-based methods for modeling and structuring control of social robots Dylan Shell and Maja Mataric; 12. Evolution of a teamwork model Nathan Schurr, Steven Okamoto, Rajiv T. Matheswaran, and Milind Tambe; 13. Sociality in embodied neural agents Domenico Parisi and Stefano Nolfi; 14. Cognitive architecture and contents for social structures and interactions Cristiano Castelfranchi; Part IV. A Symposium: 15. Cognitive science and good social science Scott Moss; 16. Collective cognition and emergence in multi-agent systems Pietro Panzarasa and Nick Jennings; 17. Social judgement in multi-agent systems Tom Burns and Ewa Roszkowska; 18. Including human variability in a cognitive architecture to improve team simulation Frank Ritter and Emma Norling; 19. When does social simulation need cognitive models? Nigel Gilbert.


Ron Sun is Professor of Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. A well known researcher in cognitive science, Ron Sun leads projects investigating fundamental structures of the human mind. In particular, he recently published a book entitled 'Duality of the Mind', exploring the interaction of implicit and explicit cognition. He is also the founding co-editor-in-chief of the journal 'Cognitive Systems Research'

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