Children of the Queen's Revels: A Jacobean Theatre Repertory

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This 2005 book provides a study of the enduring and influential Jacobean children's company, the Children of the Queen's Revels.


Introduction; 1. Raiding the nest: the children of the Queen's Revels and their plays; 2. 'Proper Gallants Words': comedy and the theatre audience; 3. 'Grief and Joy so Suddenly Commixt': company politics and the development of tragicomedy; 4. 'Ieronimo in Decimosexto': tragedy and the text; Conclusion; Appendix A. The repertory (summary); Appendix B. The Repertory (data and analysis); Appendix C. Biographical summary; Appendix D. Actor lists; Appendix E. Court and touring performances.


Lucy Munro is a lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama Studies at King's College London. Her research focuses on the performance and reception of Elizabethan, Jacobean and Caroline drama, on editing, book history and textual scholarship, on literary style and genre, and on dramatic representations of childhood and ageing. She is the author of Archaic Style in English Literature, 1590-1674 (Cambridge University Press, 2013), and editor of Edward Sharpham's The Fleer (2006), Shakespeare and George Wilkins' Pericles, in William Shakespeare: Complete Works (ed. Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen, 2007), Richard Brome's The Queen and Concubine and The Demoiselle, in Richard Brome Online (gen. ed. Richard Allen Cave, 2009), and John Fletcher's The Tamer Tamed (2010). Her essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Huntington Library Quarterly, Modern Philology, Shakespeare Bulletin, Shakespeare and Ageing and Society, and in collections such as The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theatre (ed. Richard Dutton, 2009), Performing Early Modern Drama Today (ed. Kathryn Prince and Pascale Aebischer, Cambridge University Press, 2012) and The Elizabethan Top Ten: Defining Print Popularity in Early Modern England (ed. Andy Kesson and Emma Smith, 2013). Her stage history of The Alchemist appears in The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson, electronic edition (gen. ed. David Bevington, Martin Butler and Ian Donaldson, Cambridge University Press, 2014).


"Munro makes two significant decisions: she focuses on the company rather than its dramatists, and she organizes the discussion of plays by way of genre not chronology. As a result she redefines the template for company histories." -Roslyn L. Knutson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock "This is a valuable resource book. It is very well written and not overwrought with precious vocabulary. Theater historians will find the scholarly apparatus, by itself, worth the price of the book...it is easy to say that probably anyone interested in Renaissance drama of the Elizabethan and Jacobean period will need this book." -Ben Jonson Journal
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