Locke, Shaftesbury, and Hutcheson: Contesting Diversity in the Enlightenment and Beyond

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Dezember 2008



A major reappraisal of enlightenment debates about cultural diversity, and their current resonance.


Introduction; 1. Locke, diversity, and the natural history of man; 2. The uses of diversity: Locke's reply to Stoicism; 3. Locke's anthropology: travel, innateness, and the exercise of reason; 4. Contesting diversity: Shaftesbury's Reply to Locke; 5. Method, moral sense, and the problem of diversity: Francis Hutcheson and the Scottish Enlightenment; 6. Conclusion: the future of diversity; Bibliography; Index.


Daniel Carey is Lecturer in English at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


Reviews of the hardback: 'Carey's book is bursting with interesting ideas and is an excellent addition to intellectual history and to the literature on all three of its major figures.' Eighteenth-Century Scotland '... brilliant and scholarly ... an innovative and important contribution to enlightenment historiography ...' Locke Studies 'Locke, Shaftesbury, and Hutcheson is ... an important book, not least for anyone interested in the origins of the Scottish Enlightenment. It is well-written, and provides an especially clear exposition of the arguments found in the key texts. It sheds new light on Hutcheson's English and Irish influences. It also suggests that the problem of diversity, once posed, could not readily be - in fact, still has not been - convincingly resolved.' The Scottish Historical Review '... deeply researched and finely nuanced ... attest[s] to a deepening interest in the relations between science and empire, broadly understood, in late seventeenth-century English worlds ... it is to be hoped more will follow.' British Journal for the History of Science
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