Democracy Without Competition in Japan: Opposition Failure in a One-Party Dominant State

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Despite its democratic structure, Japan's government has been dominated by a single party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) since 1955. This book offers an explanation for why, even in the face of great dissatisfaction with the LDP, no opposition party has been able to offer itself as a credible challenger in Japan. Understanding such failure is important for many reasons, from its effect on Japanese economic policy to its implications for what facilitates democratic responsiveness more broadly. The principal explanations for opposition failure in Japan focus on the country's culture and electoral system.


1. The importance of party competition and a model of party competition failure; 2. Opposition failure in Japan: background and explanations; 3. Clientelism and its determinants; 4. The impact of clientelism and centralized government financial structure: comparative analysis; 5. Local opposition failure in Japan; 6. National level opposition failure: the impact of subnational level weakness; 7. Political economy changes and their impact on party systems: comparative analysis; 8. Parallel party systems: political economy changes and the limits to anti-clientelist appeals in Japan; 9. The problem of organization and coherence in top-down party formation; 10. Conclusion: democracy without competition.


Ethan Scheiner is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Davis. He received a Ph.D. in Political Science at Duke University in 2001. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Keio University (Mita) in Tokyo, Japan, an Advanced Research (postdoctoral) Fellow in the Program on U.S.- Japan Relations at Harvard University (2001-02), and a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Institute for International Studies (2002-2004). His work examines parties and elections within both Japan-specific and explicitly comparative contexts. He has published articles on political parties, elections and electoral systems in the British Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, Electoral Studies, and Legislative Studies Quarterly. His analysis of recent Japanese elections appears (in Japanese) in Foresight Magazine in Japan.


'This book is a serious work of comparative government aimed at a scholarly audience.' Political Studies Review
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