Music and Image in Classical Athens

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Juni 2016



Sheramy Bundrick proposes that the depictions of musical performance in fifth century BC Athens were intimately linked to contemporary developments in the field of music itself, such as the debate over music in education, theories of musical ethos, and the growing popularity of professional musicians. Moreover, she argues that music became a visual metaphor for the harmony or disharmony of the city. Her book is the first to consider the broad range of musical images in the dynamic classical period, as well as their sociocultural and artistic implications.


1. Music and image in fifth-century Athens; 2. Representing musical instruments; 3. Mousike: the art of the Muses; 4. Ethos and the character of musical imagery; 5. Harmonia and the life of the city; 6. Conclusion: musical revolutions in Classical Athens.


'Music and Image in Classical Athens provides a valuable contribution to the discussion of the social significance of music in Ancient Greece.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review
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