The Transvestite Achilles

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August 2005



Offers the first book-length examination of Statius' unfinished epic, the Achilleid.


Introduction; 1. Opening nights at the opera 1641-1741; 2. The design of the Achilleid; 3. Womanhood, rhetoric, and performance; 4. Semivir, Semifer, Semideus; 5. Transvestism in myth and ritual; 6. Rape, repetition, and romance; 7. Conclusion.


P. J. Heslin is a lecturer in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Durham.


'... a welcome addition to the ever-increasing number of scholarly works devoted to elucidating the subtle politics and sophisticated poetics of imperial Latin epic ... animated throughout ... a significant contribution to Latin literary studies in this stimulating volume.' A. M. Keith, Victoria College '[The author's] profound familiarity with classical literature enables him to approach the issue from a wide perspective and pay attention to versatile conventions and details. Through structural and linguistic analysis the author is able to expose Statius' subtle and humoristic treatment of classical literature. ... Heslin's profound orientation on the subject enables the reader to consider the Achilleid not only as a successful epic narrative, but also as a reflection of the whole range of classical literature preceding the imperial era - a respectful nod to the great classical authors, and a witty parody of genre-related cliches. ... All in all, Heslin's survey is an admirable pursuit to fill the void concerning the study of the Achilleid by classical scholars.' De novis libris iudicia
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Untertitel: Gender and Genre in Statius' Achilleid. black & white illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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