State Feminism and Political Representation

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Offers a unique assessment of the impact of women's movements on public policy.


1. Introduction; 2. Gendering political representation: debates and controversies in Austria Regina Kopl; 3. The Belgian paradox: inclusion and exclusion of gender issues Petra Meier; 4. A politics for presence. State feminism, women's movements and political representation in Finland Anne Maria Holli and Johanna Kantola; 5. Gendering the Republican system: debates on women's political representation in France Claudie Baudino; 6. WPAs and political representation in Germany Lynn Kamenitsa and Brigitte Geissel; 7. Gendering the debate on political representation in Italy: a difficult challenge Marila Guadagnini; 8. High tides in a low country gendering political representation in the Netherlands Jantine Oldersma; 9. The women's movement, gender equality agencies, and central-state debates on political representation in Spain (1983-2003) Celia Valiente; 10. Party feminism, state feminism and women's representation in Sweden Diane Sainsbury; 11. Party government and women's representation debates: the UK Joni Lovenduski; 12. Women's policy agencies, the women's movement, and representation in the US Janine A. Parry; 13. Conclusions: state feminism and political representation; Appendix 1. Tables of women's representation in eleven countries; Appendix 2. The RNGS model.


Joni Lovenduski is Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is author of Women and European Politics (1986) and Feminising Politics (1995) and editor of Feminism and Politics (2000). She has co-authored and co-edited a number of other books and has published numerous papers, articles and chapters on gender and politics.


'... a valuable contribution to the field ...' Political Studies Review 'this volume is the product of a ten-year collaborative effort to assess the impact of state feminism on women's political representation ... [it] is essential reading for students and scholars interested in issues of women's political representation in Europe ...'. International Feminist Journal of Politics
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