Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

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This book emphasizes understanding CFD through physical principles and examples for graduate students in mechanical, aerospace and chemical engineering.


1. Introduction; 2. 1D heat conduction; 3. 1D conduction-convection; 4. 2D boundary layers; 5. 2D convection-Cartesian grids; 6. 2D convection-complex domains; 7. Phase change; 8. Numerical grid generation; 9. Convergence enhancement.


Professor Anil W. Date obtained his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Bombay University; his master's degree in thermo-fluids from UMIST, Manchester, UK; and his doctorate in heat transfer from Imperial College of Science and Technology, London. He has been a member of the Thermo-Fluids-Engineering Group of the Mechanical Engineering Department at IIT Bombay since 1973. Over the past thirty years, he has taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in thermodynamics, energy conversion, heat and mass transfer, and combustion. He has been engaged in research and consulting in thermo-fluids engineering and is an active reviewer of research proposals and papers for various national and international bodies and journals. He has been Editor for India of the Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer and has contributed research papers to several international journals in the field. He has been a visiting scientist at Cornell University and a visiting professor at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. He has delivered seminar lectures at universities in Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, UK, USA, and India. Professor Date derives great satisfaction from applying thermo-fluid science to rural-technology problems in India and has taught courses in science, technology, and society and in appropriate technology at IIT Bombay. Professor Date is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (FNAE).


'... Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics offers a fresh approach to solving fluid flow problems ... In summary this book is ideal for new students of the topic and also a good reference book for seasoned practitioners of CFD in academia and industry, alike.' Neelesh A. Patankar, ITTB Newsletter 'The book provides a useful introduction to the topic of computational fluid dynamics with a focus upon convection processes.' Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics
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