Trade and Human Health and Safety

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This 2006 book discusses the standards established for the regulation of public health and safety issues.


1. A map of the WTO Law of Domestic Regulation of Goods Gabrielle Marceau and Joel Trachtman; 2. The WTO impact on internal regulations - a case study of the Canada-EC Asbestos Dispute Robert Howse and Elizabeth Turk; 3. Reflections on the Appellate Body decision in the Hormones Case and the meaning of the SPS Agreement William J. Davey; 4. The Salmon Case: evolution of balancing mechanisms for non-trade values in WTO Frank Garcia; 5. Lotus Eaters: reflections on the varietals dispute, the SPS Agreement and WTO Dispute Resolution Jeffrey L. Dunoff; 6. Regulatory purpose and 'like products' in Article III:4 of the GATT (with additional remarks on Article III:2) Don Regan; 7. The WTO standard of review in Health and Safety Disputes David Palmeter; 8. Expert advice in WTO dispute in Dispute Settlement Joost Puawelyn; 9. Domestic regulation, sovereignty and scientific evidence requirements: a pessimistic view Alan Sykes; 10. Time for a United Nations 'global compact' for integrating human rights into the law of worldwide organizations: lessons from European integration law for global integration law Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann.


George A. Bermann is the Walter Gellhorn Professor of Law and Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law at Columbia Law School. He is also the Director of the European Legal Studies Center at Columbia. He is co-editor-in-chief of American Journal of Comparative Law and founder and chair of Columbia Journal of European Law. Petros C. Mavroidis is Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. He has worked in the WTO's legal division in the 1990s and has written extensively on the organization and its predecessor, GATT. He is also involved with the American Law Institute as a chief co-reporter on the principles of WTO law.

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