The Order of Canada

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In 1966, a project to create a national honour for Canadians was begun. The first recipients of the Order of Canada were announced a year later, and in the nearly forty years since, the Order has become a symbol familiar to, and respected by, people from across the country. The spirit that motivates the Order of Canada - celebration, inclusion, and democracy - was born of the memories of Canada's earlier experience with honours. From initial distrust and misunderstanding to the awakening of a national identity, the development of the Order reflects the relationship Canadians have with their country, their government, their culture, and their heroes. The Order itself is a product of national identity, politics, and history, reflected by the significance of its recipients' accomplishments. Indeed, the Order's history is as fascinating as the more than 4000 Canadians who have received it. This first book-length history of the Order of Canada - and first major work on Canadian honours-by Christopher McCreery is a celebration of the Order and a close examination of its unique design and various early incarnations. McCreery provides both a history of the Order's beginnings and a more general overview of trends in Canadian honours. Extensively illustrated with never-before-published photographs, The Order of Canada: Its Origins, History, and Developments pays tribute to the individuals who felt the need for a system of recognition for Canadians.


Message from the Queen Preface Acknowledgments Abbreviations CHAPTER ONE False Starts and Honours in Canada, 1867-1917: The Creation of aCanadian Policy CHAPTER TWO Controversy and Discontent, 1917-1935: The Decline and Brief Revivalof British Honours in Canada CHAPTER THREE The Honours Quagmire, 1935-1948: The Ubiquitous Canada Medal CHAPTER FOUR More False Starts: Massey Presses Forward CHAPTER FIVE First Successful Steps: Founding the Order of Canada CHAPTER SIX Selection and Reaction: The First Honours List CHAPTER SEVEN Transition to a Complete Honours System CHAPTER EIGHT Enlargement and Acceptance CHAPTER NINE The Logistics of a National Order CHAPTER TEN Unity and Diversity: The Composition of the Order of Canada CHAPTER ELEVEN Honorary Membership: The Extended Project CHAPTER TWELVE Centrepiece of a Modern Honours System: Recognition from Sea to Sea
Appendix 1: Members of the Interdepartmental Committee and Awards Co-ordination Committee, 1942
Appendix 2: Royal Warrant Creating the Canada Medal, 1943
Appendix 3: Proposed Royal Warrant Creating the Canadian Award of Honour and Canadian Decoration of Honour, 1943
Appendix 4: Letters Patent Founding the Order of Canada, 1967
Appendix 5: Constitution of the Order of Canada, 1967
Appendix 6: Nomination Form from Vincent Massey
Appendix 7: Distribution of First Awards of the Order of Canada, July 1967
Appendix 8: Recipients of the Order of Canada, July 1967
Appendix 9: Constitution of the Order of Canada, 1972
Appendix 10: Order of Canada Insignia Manufacture, 1967-2004
Appendix 11: Chancellors of the Order of Canada
Appendix 12: Officials of the Order of Canada
Appendix 13: Members of the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada
Appendix 14: Honorary Recipients of the Order of Canada
Appendix 15: Constitution of the Order of Canada, 2001
Appendix 16: Amendments to the Constitution of the Order of Canada Notes Bibliography Illustration Credits Index


Christopher McCreery has served as an advisor to the Canadian and British governments on honours policy.


This is easily the most comprehensive work that has been done on the Order, describing it as it does, in careful detail, both the institution itself, its significance, and the history of its conception and evolution. Christopher McCreery casts light on the values embodied in Canada's national persona, and how they have come to be expressed in its honours system.' Olive Dickason, C.M., Department of History, University of Ottawa, and School of Native Studies, University of Alberta
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