New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility

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April 2005



Since the terrorist attacks of September 2001, surveillance has been put forward as the essential tool for the 'war on terror, ' with new technologies and policies offering police and military operatives enhanced opportunities for monitoring suspect populations. The last few years have also seen the public's consumer tastes become increasingly codified, with 'data mines' of demographic information such as postal codes and purchasing records. Additionally, surveillance has become a form of entertainment, with 'reality' shows becoming the dominant genre on network and cable television. In The New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility, editors Kevin D. Haggerty and Richard V. Ericson bring together leading experts to analyse how society is organized through surveillance systems, technologies, and practices. They demonstrate how the new political uses of surveillance make visible that which was previously unknown, blur the boundaries between public and private, rewrite the norms of privacy, create new forms of inclusion and exclusion, and alter processes of democratic accountability. This collection challenges conventional wisdom and advances new theoretical approaches through a series of studies of surveillance in policing, the military, commercial enterprises, mass media, and health sciences.


Acknowledgments The New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility KEVIN D. HAGGERTY and RICHARD V. ERICSONPART ONE: THEORIZING SURVEILLANCE AND VISIBILITY 9/11, Synopticon, and Scopophilia: Watching and Being Watched DAVID LYON Welcome to the Society of Control: The Simulation of Surveillance Revisited WILLIAM BOGARD Varieties of Personal Information as Influences on Attitudes towards Surveillance GARY T. MARX Struggling with Surveillance: Resistance, Consciousness, and Identity JOHN GILLIOMPART TWO: POLICE AND MILITARY SURVEILLANCE A Faustian Bargain? America and the Dream of Total Information Awareness Surveillance Fiction or Higher Policing? JEAN-PAUL BRODEUR and STEPHANE LEMAN-LANGLOIS An Alternative Current in Surveillance and Control: Broadcasting Surveillance Footage of Crimes AARON DOYLE Surveillance and Military Transformation: Organizational Trends in Twenty-First-Century Armed Services CHRISTOPHER DANDEKER Visible War: Surveillance, Speed, and Information War KEVIN D. HAGGERTYPART THREE: SURVEILLANCE, ELECTRONIC MEDIA, AND CONSUMER CULTURE Cracking the Consumer Code: Advertisers, Anxiety, and Surveillance in the Digital Age JOSEPH TUROW (En)Visioning the Television Audience: Revisiting Questions of Power in the Age of Interactive Television SERRA TINIC Cultures of Mania: Towards an Anthropology of Mood EMILY MARTIN Surveillant Internet Technologies and the Growth in Information Capitalism: Spams and Public Trust in the Information Society DAVID S. WALL Data Mining, Surveillance, and Discrimination in the Post-9/11 Environment OSCAR GANDY JRContributors


The late Richard V. Ericson was Principal of Green College, University of British Columbia, a centre for interndisciplinary scholarship and graduate education. Kevin D. Haggerty is a member of Green College and a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of British Columbia.

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