Advances in Accounting Information Systems, 1993

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Dezember 1995



This second volume in the series covers such topics as information systems practice and theory, information systems and the accounting/auditing environment, and differing perspectives on information systems research.


On audit epistemology and auditors' cognitive processing - the societal impact of information technologies, Steve G. Sutton. Part 1 Information systems practice and theory: a re-examination of the factors influencing the use of DP chargeback information - an agency theory perspective, Ronald M. Young; an analysis of input/output performance in a transaction multiprocessing environment, Dennis A. Adams et al. Part 2 Information systems and the accounting/auditing environment: evaluation of information systems - a financial risk-based approach, James A. Connell Jr. et al; implementing a semantic representational schema - a comparison of a database and a frame approach, A. Rebecca Reuber. Part 3 Perspectives on information systems research: accounting information systems research - attitudes and perceptions of publication outlets, Vicky Arnold.
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