Loving Dr. Johnson

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November 2005



The autopsy of Samuel Johnson (1709-84) initiated two centuries of Johnsonian anatomy-both in medical speculation about his famously unruly body and in literary devotion to his anecdotal remains. Even today, Johnson is an enduring symbol of individuality, authority, masculinity, and Englishness, ultimately lending a style and a name--the Age of Johnson--to the eighteenth-century English literary canon. "Loving Dr. Johnson" uses the enormous popularity of Johnson to understand a singular case of author love and to reflect upon what the love of authors has to do with the love of literature. Helen Deutsch's work is driven by several impulses, among them her affection for both Johnson's work and Boswell's biography of him, and her own distance from the largely male tradition of Johnsonian criticism--a tradition to which she remains indebted and to which "Loving Dr. Johnson" is ultimately an homage. Limning sharply Johnson's capacious oeuvre, Deutsch's study is also the first of its kind to examine the practices and rituals of Johnsonian societies around the world, wherein Johnson's literary work is now dwarfed by the figure of the writer himself. An absorbing look at one iconic author and his afterlives," Loving Dr. Johnson" will be of enormous value to students of English literature and literary scholars keenly interested in canon formation.


Helen Deutsch is associate professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the author of Resemblance and Disgrace: Alexander Pope and the Deformation of Culture and coeditor of "Defects": Engendering the Modern Body.


"A brilliant work about a high canonical figure whose mind and body inspire passions that are at once exemplary and peculiar. Deutsch's study is as much about Johnson - as a writer, an institution, and a national figure - as it is about ourselves and our intense and sometimes rather bizarre investments in him. This is an original and important book." - Claudia L. Johnson, Princeton University"
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