Everyone Is Not Doing It: Abstinence and Personal Identity

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Dezember 2005



Labels like "vegan, virgin, "or "nonsmoker" get thrown around to identify forms of abstinence, but for many abstainers such labels are also proud declarations of who they are. Setting aside the moral debates and psychological assessments surrounding abstinence, Jamie Mullaney asks why the act of "not "doing something plays such a crucial role in the formation of our personal identities. Based on interviews with individuals who abstain from habits as diverse as sex, cigarettes, sugar, and technology, "Everyone Is NOT Doing It "identifies four different types of abstainers: quitters; those who have never done something and never will; those who haven't done something yet, but might in the future; and those who are not doing something temporarily. Mullaney assesses the commonalities that bind abstainers, as well as how perceptions of abstinence change according to social context, age, and historical era. In contrast to such earlier forms of abstinence as social protest, entertainment, or an instrument of social stratification, not doing something now, argues Mullaney, gives people a more secure sense of self by offering a more affordable and manageable identity in a world of ever-expanding options.


Jamie L. Mullaney is lecturer in sociology at Goucher College.


"Everyone is NOT Doing it offers an enjoyable meditation on the nature of abstinence - what it is, what it means, and what it signifies. Here, Jamie Mullaney gets a variety of people to talk candidly about all types of abstinence, how and why they do it, and its placement in their lives. As a result, she makes us aware of commonalities we all share with a wide and diverse set of abstainers." - Daniel F. Chambliss, Hamilton College"
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