The Director as Collaborator

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"The Director as Collaborator" discusses essential directing skills while emphasizing how directors and theatre productions benefit from collaboration. Good collaboration occurs when the director shares responsibility for the artistic creation with the entire production, including actors, designers, stage managers and technical staff. Leadership does not preclude collaboration; in theatre, these concepts can and should be complimentary. Readers will develop their abilities by directing short scenes and plays and by participating in group exercises.


Introduction What Is Collaboration? The Core Action The Responsibilities of Collaboration Fundamental Techniques Supplemental Reading 1. Collaboration and Leadership Balancing Leadership and Collaboration Supplemental Reading 2. Core Action Story and Plot Action Analysis Supplemental Reading 3. Collaboration in Rehearsal The First Scene Collaboration Preparation Rehearsal Observations Videotaping Rehearsals Supplemental Reading 4. Directing Elements Textual Elements Visceral Elements Chapter Summary: Integrating Directing Elements Dramaturgy Checklist 5. Design Collaboration Core Action Statements Design Timetable Supplemental Reading 6. Other Collaborators Playwrights Dramaturgs Music Directors and Choreographers 7. Auditions and Casting Casting the One-Act Plays Audition Goals Supplemental Reading Appendix A: Forms Project Proposal Form Sample Audition Notice Audition Form Sample Callback Form Sample Cast List Rehearsal Observation Form Producing Checklist Program Information Poster Information Course Outline Appendix B: Glossary of Key Terms Appendix C: Bibliography of One-Act Plays Appendix D: Selected Bibliography Directing Acting Design Playwrighting Dramaturgy Ensembles Theater History and Theory Management Publicity
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