Shooting the Truth: The Rise of American Political Documentaries

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Dezember 2005



Explores the ability of political documentary films to address vital issues ignored or glossed over by our corporate-controlled, mass-mediated "free press," such as the truth about American electoral processes, the real effects of U.S. foreign policies and globalization, and other issues too often hidden from a poorly informed public.


JAMES MCENTEER is an independent scholar and journalist. He is a former Fellow of the Joan Shorenstein Center for the Press, Politics and Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


"The rise of political documentaries in the US may be a reaction to the decline of the liberal television network news-gathering operations, which are hemorrhaging viewers to less professional cable news outlets such as the right-turning Fox channel. As television news has become partisan and trivialized, claims McEnteer, viewers hungry for news have turned to nonfiction films; he points out that eight of the ten top-grossing documentaries of all time were released since 2002. Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11", which grossed $120 million, became the bellwether for anti-Bush, antiwar polemical documentaries. Defining nonfiction film as propaganda, the book concentrates on films that challenge official government narratives and offer competing alternative narratives of their own. McEnteer devotes chapters to such major talents as directors Errol Morris and Barbara Kopple, the more widely known ambush artist Michael Moore, and Robert Greenwald (best known for "Outfoxed"); Moore remains front and center. This book on the latest permutations of documentary films was as inevitable as it is welcome. Essential. All readers; all levels." - Choice
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