Women as Scribes: Book Production and Monastic Reform in Twelfth-Century Bavaria

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April 2004



Alison Beach's book on female scribes in twelfth-century Bavaria is based on the belief that the scriptorium was vital to the intellectual revival of the Middle Ages and that women played a role in this renaissance. Beach's focus on manuscript production at three rather different religious houses, and the religious, intellectual, social and economic factors which influenced that production, enables her to draw wide-ranging conclusions of interest to palaeographers as well as others interested in religious and gender history.


1. Introduction;
2. Diemut and the nun-scribes of Wessobrunn;
3. Claustration and collaboration: the nun-scribes of Admont;
4. Unlikely allies in the scriptorium: the female scribes of Schaftlarn;
5. Conclusion; Appendix A. Codicological tables; Appendix B. Ruling patterns; Bibliography; Index.


Alison I. Beach is Assistant Professor of Religion, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.


Review of the hardback: 'Beach has studied her women with rigour and sensitivity providing a durable account of their work, fascinating observations on their interrelations with male counterparts, and thought-provoking reflections on their place in twelfth-century spiritual culture. As an illustration of the contribution that palaeography can make to intellectual and religious as well as bibliographical history, Women as Scribes deserves a wide readership.' The Library
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