Dreams, Questions, Struggles

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Februar 2006



A political account of the lives and struggles of British Asian women.


1. Introduction 2. The new 'good woman': reconstructing patriarchal control 3. A thing of beauty and a boy forever - changing masculinities 4. 'Mercy and Wisdom of a government'? Race, Culture and Immigration Control 5. Making a spectacle of oneself -South Asian weddings in Britain 6. Psychiatry, violence and mental distress 7. Contesting (mis)representations 8. Still fighting for justice -low-paid workers in a global market 9. Dreams, questions and struggles - reflections on a movement Notes Bibliography Index


Amrit Wilson is the author of Dreams, Questions, Struggles: South Asian Women in Britain (Pluto, 2006), The Challenge Road: Women in the Eritrean Revolution (1991) and US Foreign Policy and Revolution: the creation of Tanzania (Pluto, 1989) and the co-editor of The Future that Works: Selected writings of A.M.Babu (2002).


At a time when Asian women are only being discussed in terms of their veils, forced marriages and oppressive religion, what a relief it is to read a book about Asian women as agents not objects. -- Institute of Race Relations Amrit Wilson does not let anyone off the hook... This book will be of supreme interest to activists and those working with or for South Asian women in the voluntary sector or community projects. It will also be useful to those who teach courses on South Asian communities in this country, within whatever discipline, who will find it a refreshing example of how political commitment can yield a book that is committed, analytic, informative and that rises above vacuous polemic. -- Ursula Sharma, The Journal of Contemporary South Asia This is a captivating book which will influence many people's perceptions of Asian women's lives. ... Social Science scholars will find Dreams, Questions and Struggles invaluable reading. ... It is a treat to read these papers, since Wilson brings exciting and original perspectives to a broad range of topics. ... This is an essential reference book for anyone interested in issues of gender, race, culture, migration, disaspora, and identity. -- Aisha Gill, Roehampton University Wilson is an activist who has long dealt with the knottiest issues of gender and race in officially multi-cultured Britain. Each of the three words in the book's title is like a bell that tolls dismally for each of us. -- The Times of India
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