South African National Cinema

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Through detailed investigations of selected films, from De Voortrekkers at one end of the twentieth century and Mapantsula at the other, this book examines how South African films have represented national identities across the twentieth century.


List of Figures Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1: Colonizing 'Nation': De Voortrekkers (1916) Chapter 2: Fictions of Nation: The Symbol of Sacrifice (1918), Sarie Marais (1931) and Moedertjie (1931) Chapter 3: Monuments to Nation: They Built a Nation (1938) and 'n Nasie Hou Koers (1940) Chapter 4: Black Audiences 1920s - 1950s: film culture and modernity Chapter 5: All That Jazz: representing black identities in Zonk! (1950) and Song of Africa (1951) Chapter 6: Cry, Africa: social realism in Cry, the Beloved Country (1951) and Come Back, Africa (1959) Chapter 7: Apartheid Cinema: race, language and ethnicity in state subsidy films Chapter 8: Chimes of Freedom: cinema against apartheid Chapter 9: Screening Nation: new South African cinema/s beyond apartheid Bibliography Filmography


Jacqueline Maingard is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Education in the Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television at the University of Bristol. She was formerly at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.
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