European Welfare States: Comparative Perspectives

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November 2005



Bringing together a discussion of the theories and techniques of comparative policy analysis and a description of current developments in selected welfare state regimes, European Welfare States provides an accessible overview of issues concerning European welfare states.
In particular, it provides:
- an overview of the development of welfare states in Europe;
- a discussion of key issues including welfare state theories, the role of globalization, gender and the welfare state; welfare typologies; and the role of public opinion;
- a detailed account of recent developments and current challenges in five European welfare states; and
- a detailed account of the key challenges facing European welfare states and possible future directions for welfare models including the role of the European Union in the development of social policy.
This book is illustrated throughout with student-friendly features such as case-studies, chapter summaries, questions for discussion and guides for further reading. With a flowing narrative and clear structure the book is an invaluable text for undergraduates taking courses in comparative social policy. It will also be useful for students in related disciplines such as public policy, social welfare, politics and international relations.


Welfare State Theories
Globalization and European Welfare States
Gender and the Welfare State
Welfare States in Europe
Typologies of Welfare
Country Studies
Public Opinion and European Welfare States
Challenges Facing European Welfare States
Future Directions for European Welfare States


Mel Cousins is currently Reader in History at Oxford Brookes University. He also held the position of Special Adviser to the minister for Social Affairs for Ireland. He is currently based at the department of History at Oxford Brookes University, where he is undertaking PhD research in the history of social policy. He has already authored several books on Social Welfare.
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