Paperwork: Fiction and Mass Mediacy in the Paper Age

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August 2005



"Paperwork" challenges traditional approaches to print culture and the mass media in the nineteenth century. Kevin McLaughlin argues for a literary-critical approach to the impact of the mass media on literature through a series of detailed interpretations of fiction by Poe, Stevenson, Melville, Dickens, and Hardy.


Frequently Cited Texts Introduction: Apparitions of Paper
1. Distraction in America: Paper, Money, Poe
2. Off the Map: Stevenson's Polynesian Fiction
3. Transatlantic Connections: "Paper Language" in Melville
4. The Paper State: Collective Breakdown in Dickens's Bleak House
5. Pretending to Read: Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge Afterword: The Novel Collective Notes Selected Bibliography Index Acknowledgments


Kevin McLaughlin is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Brown University. He is cotranslator of Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project and author of Writing in Parts: Imitation and Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Literature.


"McLaughlin has done scholars in many fields a great service, and it is fitting that he should play a leading role in a potentially very fruitful Victorianist reckoning with Benjamin. This account of distraction will also demand and repay the attention of scholars interested in book history, new economic criticism, and transatlantic fiction in general."-Victorian Studies "A finely honed and lively guide to the role of paper in literary production at this crucial point in the modern age."-Yearbook of English Studies
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