Archives and Excavations: Essays on the History of Archaeological Excavations in Rome and Southern Italy from the Renaissance to the Nineteenth

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November 2004



Archives and Excavations aims to stimulate a new approach to the history of excavation by drawing attention to a vast and important area of research that has been neglected for almost a century.


List of figures; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Preface (Paolo Liverani, Martin Kemp and Andrew Wallace-Hadrill); Introduction (Ilaria Bignamini); The Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Rescue archaeology in the Renaissance (Ian Campbell); Research in the Roman Catacombs by the Louvain antiquarian Philips van Winghe (Cornelis Schuddeboom); Archaeologies, antiquaries and the memorie of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Rome (Amanda Claridge); Excavations, collectors and scholars in seventeenth-century Rome (Ingo Herklotz); The Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries British excavations in the Papal States during the eighteenth century: Written and visual sources (Ilaria Bignamini); A painter in search of a poet: Allan Ramsay and Horace's villa, 1755-84 (Iain Gordon Brown); Charles Townley's collection of drawings and papers: A source for eighteenth-century excavations, the market and collections (Brian F Cook); How antique is antique? The restoration of mosaics for the Vatican museums (Klaus E Werner); Towns and tombs: Three-dimensional documentation of archaeological sites in the Kingdom of Naples in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (Valentin Kockel); The Nineteenth Century Giacomo Boni's excavations in the Roman Forum as seen in the photographs of Thomas Ashby (Rita Turchetti); 'Excavations' in the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 1885-1904: Analysis of the pre-exisiting medieval remains under the Palazzo Le Roy (Susanna Le Pera Buranelli); Discoveries at the Scala Santa: The excavations of 1852-4 (Paolo Liverani); Records of the excavations of 1836 in the Sabine necropolis of Poggio Sommavilla and of the activities of Melchiade Fossati (Georgio Filippi); The discovery of the Etruscans in the early nineteenth century: Some archival documents (Ronald T Ridley); Excavations in Etruria in the 1880s: The case of Veii (Paolo Liverani); Bibliographical notes on the contributors; Contributors' addresses; Index.


edited by Ilaria Bignamini

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