The Italian Yearbook of International Law, Volume 13 (2003)

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Januar 2005



The "Italian Yearbook of International Law" aims at making accessible to the English speaking public the Italian contribution to the practice and literature of international law.


List of Abbreviations,
Reflections on State Responsibility for the Breach of Positive Obligations: The Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights, Benedetto Conforti, Government Collapse and State Continuity: The Case of Somalia, Abdulqawi A. Yusuf,
Fragmented Sovereignty? The European Union and its Member States in the International Arena, Enzo Cannizzaro,
War in Afghanistan, Self-Defense and Questions of Attribution of the September 11 attacks to the Afghan Taliban Regime, Marco Frigessi di Rattalma,
The ICTY appeals Chamber's Nikolic Decision on Legality of Arrest: Can an International Criminal Court assert Jurisdiction over Illegally Seized Offenders?, Andrea Carcano,
Notes and Comments, Culture and Trade? A European Way "Towards an International Instrument on Cultural Diversity", Rostam Josef Neuwirth, The Unesco Declaration Concerning the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back, Federico Lenzerini,
The Establishment of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty, Patrizia Vigni,
The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (2003), Tullio Treves, The Activity of the International Law Commission During its 55th Session, Massimo Iovane, The Activity of the World Trade Organization (2003), Federico Lenzerini and Massimiliano Montini,
Review of Judgments and Decisions Delivered in 2003 by the European Court of Human Rights on Subjects Relevant to International Law, Simona Granata,
Italian Practice Relating to International Law, Classifications Scheme, Judicial Decisions, (Edited by Giuseppe Cataldi and Massimo Iovane),
Diplomatic and Parliamentary Practice, (Edited by Lara Appicciafuoco, Pietro Gargiulo, Giuseppe Nesi, Marco Pertile and Valeria Santori), Agreements to Which Italy is a Party, (Edited by Federico Casolari, Marcello di Filippo, Marco Gestri and Marina Mancini),
Legislation, (Edited by Pia Acconci, with the Exception of Legislation on Diplomatic and Consular Relations, Air and Space Law, and Nationality edited by Chiara Battistini,
Legislation on Environment edited by Massimiliano Montini,
Legislation on Immigration and Emigration, Use of Force Short of War and Peace-Keeping, and War, Neutrality, and Disarmament edited by Gianluca Rubagotti),
Bibliographies, Italian Bibliographical Index of International Law 2003, (Edited by Giulio Bartolini, Federico Lenzerini and Massimiliano Montini),
Review of Books,
Books Received,
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