Handbook of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering: Volume 3, Recent Advances

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August 2005



The book covers the recent new advances in software engineering and knowledge engineering. It is intended as a supplement to the two-volume handbook of software engineering and knowledge engineering. The editor and authors are well-known international experts in their respective fields of expertise. Each chapter in the book is entirely self-contained and gives in-depth information on a specific topic of current interest. This book will be a useful desktop companion for both practitioners and students of software engineering and knowledge engineering.


* Analysis Styles for Requirements Engineering: An Organizational Perspective (M Kolp et al.) * Attacks and Countermeasures in Software System Security (L Ma & J J P Tsai) * Autonomous Software (M Rovatsos & G Weiss) * Capability Maturity for Software Development (A T Berztiss) * Coexistence of Object-Oriented Modeling and Architectural Description (T Khammaci et al.) * Introspecting Agent-Oriented Design Patterns (M Kolp et al.) * Knowledge-Based Inconsistency Detection in UML Models (E Nantajeewarawat & V Wuwongse) * MDA-Based Ontological Engineering (D Djuric et al.) * Migrating Legacy Systems Towards Multi-Layered Web-Based Architectures (T Bodhuin et al.) * Petri Nets: A Tutorial (A T Berztiss) * Program Slicing (J Krinke) * Simulation-Based Software Process Modeling and Evaluation (O Armbrust et al.) * Software Release Planning (G Ruhe) * Software Traceability: A Roadmap (G Spanoudakis & A Zisman) * System Dynamics and Goal-Oriented Measurement: A Hybrid Approach (D Pfahl & G Ruhe) * Time and Knowledge Management in E-Learning (S-K Chang) * Tool-Based Software Project Control (J Munch & J Heidrich)
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