Communication in Construction: Theory and Practice

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Communication within project-based environments presents special challenges. This is especially true within the construction industry, where interaction tends to be characterised by unfamiliar groups of people coming together for short periods before disbanding to work on other endeavours. This book examines communication at a number of levels ranging from interpersonal interactions between project participants to corporate communication between organizations. Several non-typical perspectives on the process of communication are introduced to encourage the reader to think about communication in a more innovative manner. The combination of differing perspectives illustrates the diversity of communication problems facing those working within project-based environments. Practical guidance is provided on possible solutions to communication problems, and a number of examples and case studies are presented.


Section 1: Communication Concepts and Contexts 1. Introduction 2. The Challenges of Communicating in the Construction Project Environment 3. Theoretical Perspectives on Construction Communication Section 2: From Individuals to Corporations: Communication Types and Techniques 4. Interpersonal Communication 5. Group and Team Communication 6. Organizational Communication 7. Corporate Communication Section 3: Future Directions for Construction Communication 8. Information and Communications Technology 9. Conclusions and Future Directions in Construction Communication


Dr Andrew Dainty is a Senior Lecturer in Construction Management at Loughborough University's Department of Civil and Building Engineering. An internationally renowned researcher in the field of human resource management in the construction industry, he has published widely in both academic and industry journals. He is co-author of HRM in Construction Projects, also published by Taylor and Francis. Dr David Moore is a Reader in Construction Management, based in the Scott Sutherland School of The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. He has authored and contributed to various books covering project management organisation structures, building production management and construction project management for architects. Dr Mike Murray is a Lecturer in construction management within the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde. Mike is co-editor of several textbooks including Construction Industry Reports 1944-1998 (Blackwell 2003) and the RIBA Handbook of Construction Project Management (RIBA 2004).


It would be difficult to put another team together with comparable knowledge In all, this is a solid publication which will hopefully inspire further interest and scientific enquiry into this area. Christopher Gorse International Journal of Architectural Engineering and Design Management ...provides a broad account of communication in construction. Students of construction related subjects will find the book useful, both as a reference and as a source of inspiration for future research. Construction Management and Economics 'An excellent commentary on construction communication' Lecturer, University of Bolton
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