Fifty Key Thinkers on Development

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November 2005



"Fifty Key Thinkers on Development is the essential guide to the world's most influential development thinkers. It presents a unique guide to the lives and ideas of leading contributors to the contested terrain of development studies from both North and South. David Simon has assembled a highly authoritative team of contributors from different backgrounds and disciplines to reflect on the lives and contributions of fifty leading development thinkers from around the world. These include:
- Modernizers like Hirshman, Kindleberger and Rostow
- Dependencies such as Frank, Cardoso and Amin
- Progressives like Prebisch, Helleiner and Streeten
- Political leaders enunciating radical alternative visions of development, such as Mao, Nkrumah and Nyerere
- Progenitors of religiously or spiritually inspired development, such as Gandhi and Ariyaratne
- Development-environment thinkers like Blaikie, Brookfield and Shiva
This invaluable reference is a conciseand accessible introduction to the lives and key contributions of development thinkers from across the ideological and disciplinary spectrum.


Introduction. Fifty Key Thinkers on Development. About the Contributors. Index


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