A Reader in Marketing Communications

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"Marketing Communications: A Reader"is an international and multidisciplinary collection that reflects the complex and diverse range of information available on marketing communications today.
Features include:
* Editors' analysis and commentary
* Case studies
* Discussion questions
* Each chapter is dedicated to a key element of the promotional mix
The editors provide pathways of understanding to enable readers to develop their knowledge and comprehension of the various tools, concepts and practice of marketing communications.
Engaging and illuminating, the editors have created a wonderful resource that spans this complex and important subject offering a thoughtful analysis and explanation that will prove invaluable to anybody with an interest in marketing communications.


About the Editors. Acknowledgements. Introduction and Overview of Marketing Communications. From Advertising to Integrated Marketing Communications. Reading 1. Advertising: What to Say, When. Reading 2. Sales Promotion. Reading 3. From Direct Mail to Direct Response Marketing. Readings 4 and 5. Marketing PR. Reading 6. Sponsorship. Reading 7. Personal Selling. Reading 8. Internet and the World Wide Web. Reading 9. Roots of Relationship. Marketing. Reading 10. Measuring the Success Rate of Marketing Communications. Reading 11. Summary and Conclusion


'A Reader in Marketing Communications fills a long-standing void in the IMC literature. It does so by providing an excellent overview of the key literature, helpful chapter introductions, important readings in all of the major areas within marketing communication, discussion questions, and case scenarios. This is a much-welcomed book for university students as well as for professionals who want an insightful overview of this important field.' - Charles H. Patti, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
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