Comparative Federalism

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August 2005



This book uses a comparative approach to examine and explain the contemporary nature and meaning of federalism and federation. The author provides both a detailed theoretical study and empirical case studies on contemporary federations.
The study of federalism can be problematic and this book seeks to overcome some of the obstacles by distinguishing between federation, a particular kind of state, and federalism, the recommendation and promotion of support for federation. Written in a clear and accessible style, the author:
- Analyzes the conceptual bases of federalism and federation through the evolution of the intellectual debate on federalism; the American Federal experience; the origins of federal states; and the relationship between state-building and national integration.
- Explores comparative federalism and federation, looking at five main pathways into comparative analysis with empirical studies on the US, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the EU.
- Explores the pathology of federations, looking failures and successes, the impact of globalisation and concludes with an assessment of federal theory.
This book will be of interest to students and researchers of federalism, devolution and comparative politics and government.


1. Federalism and Federation: The Quest for Meaning 2. The American Federal Experience 3. Federalism and Federation: The Origins and Formation of Federal States 4. Federalism, Nationalism and the National State: Legitimacy and the Problem of National Identity 5. The Comparative Study of Federal Political Systems 6. The Anglo-American and European Federal Political Traditions 7. The Concept of Representation in Federalism and Federation 8. Asymmetrical Federalism and Federation 9. The European Union as a Federal Model 10. Federalism, Democracy and the State in the Era of Globalization 11. Success and Failure in Federation 12. Conclusion: Comparative Federalism in Theory and Practice


Michael Burgess heads the Centre for Federal Studies, University of Kent at Canterbury.
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