China's Rising Sea Power: The Pla Navy's Submarine Challenge

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Since the collapse of Soviet naval power China has become the operator of the world's largest tactical submarine fleet. As the world wonders what Beijing intends to do with its increasingly powerful and effective undersea warfare capacity, what does this means for strategic stability in East Asia? This book addresses these questions by exploring similarities between China's strategic outlook today and that of earlier continental powers whose submarine fleets challenged dominant maritime powers for regional hegemony. Using insights from classical naval strategic theory it examines Beijing's strategic logic in making tactical submarines the keystone of China's naval force structure and investigates the influence of Soviet naval strategy and ancient Chinese military thought on the PLA Navy's strategic culture. It finally contends that China's increasingly capable submarine fleet could play a key role in Beijing's use of force to resolve the Taiwan issue. With attention focused on China's missile build-up opposite Taiwan, this timely volume reminds us that there is real danger in underestimating the potential of the PLA Navy's submarines to destabilize any future Taiwan Strait crisis. This book will be of foremost interest to students of Chinese politics, Asian Security Studies and international relations in general, as well as to professionals in these fields.


Introduction Chapter 1. China's Tactical Submarine Fleet Chapter2. The Geopolitical Context Chapter 3. China's New Maritime Strategy Chapter 4. Sea Control in the Western Pacific Chapter 5. Maritime Strategic Theory and the Logic of China's Submarine Fleet Chapter 6. Geography, Narrow Seas and Submarine Terrain Chapter 7. Disputing U.S. Command of the China Seas Chapter 8. The Universal and the Particular in Strategic Logic Chapter 9. Influence of the Soviet Experience on the PRC's Maritime Strategy Chapter 10. Chinese Strategic Culture -- Indigenous Elements Chapter 11. Chinese Strategic Culture, Submarines and Prospects for War in the Taiwan Strait Chapter 12. Conclusion Notes References


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'Does Beijing see itself as a regional maritime power? Is the PLA Navy positioned to take on the USN in the contested waters surrounding Taiwan? Dr Howarth examines such issues in some depth...[and]I was able to develop some interesting perspectives on this important global maritime common arena. I unconditionally recommend this book to all students and scholars with an interest in security and strategic studies, Asian politics, geo-politics and naval strategy.' - The Northern Mariner
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