China's Rise, Taiwan's Dilemmas and International Peace

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What is at stake in the triangular relation between China, Taiwan and America is nothing less than war and peace in the twenty-first century. An analyst of power rivalries in China finds leading cliques afraid "to appear weak" yet not wanting to see "a mishap occur in an invasion of Taiwan." The scholarly analysts writing for this book all hope to make the peace prospect more likely.
This book tries to bring Taiwanese views to the center of concern in order to correct for stereotypes and misperceptions that emanate from China and which unconsciously shape the understanding of Taiwan-China relations in the minds of educated, independent citizens throughout the world who are seeking the whole truth. This book makes central what is usually peripheral to a comprehension of cross Strait relations, the experience of the people of Taiwan.
The collection of essays in this book tries to balance and counter war-prone constructed misunderstandings of Taiwan.


Preface Part 1: Taiwan's Identity and China's Policy 1. Taiwanese Nationalism and the "Unforgettable Others" 2. The Political-Economic Paradox Part 2: Taiwan's Dilemmas 3. China Isolates Taiwan 4. The High Cost of Excluding Taiwan from the WHO 5. One China, Diplomatic Isolation and a Separate Taiwan 5. Civil Society, Grassroots Aspirations and Diplomatic Isolation 7. Taiwan Adapts to the Network Society Part 3: China's Rise and International Peace 8. Taiwan's Participation in International Organizations Vincent Wei-cheng Wang 9. Taiwan's Bid for U.N. Membership 10. Taiwan's Asia-Pacific Geo-Strategic Value 11. China's Dilemma on Using Military Force 11. Marginalizing Taiwan Weakens Mainland Security


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