Modern Foraminifera

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and Acknowledgments Modern Foraminifera started with a simple idea: Goldstein, Andrew Gooday, Pamela Hallock, to write an advanced text for university students Jeffrey Hanor, John Haynes, Johann Hohen- that would also serve as a reference book for ger, Scott Ishman, Frans Jorissen, Susan K- professionals. Being keenly aware of the bound- well, Martin Langer, David Lea, Richard Norris, William Parker, Nancy Rabalais, Charles aries of my competence, I invited fourteen col- Ramcharan, Charles Schafer, Scott Snyder, K- leagues to write most of the chapters. The neth Towe, Bert van der Zwaan, and two others chapters were designed to be balanced reviews, who chose to remain anonymous. Jessica but, with the lone exception of chapter two, they Schreyer assisted in editorial tasks. In the final had to be written under a rather stringent space stages of putting the book together, my burden limitation. Thus, although the list of references was lightened by the cheerful cooperation of is long, it surely does not include every single Petra van Steenbergen, our publishing editor at significant article on every topic covered in the Kluwer. In addition, I was helped by Ian Francis book. Both the subject matters of the chapters at the planning stage of the book. and the selection of authors were entirely my Two people deserve special acknowledgment.


Preface. Part I: Basic Considerations.
1. Introduction to Modern Foraminifera; B.K. Sen Gupta.
2. Systematics of Modern Foraminifera; B.K. Sen Gupta.
3. Foraminifera: A Biological Overview; S.T. Goldstein.
4. Shell Construction in Modern Calcareous Foraminifera; H.J. Hansen.
5. Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis in Foraminiferal Ecology; W.C. Parker, A.J. Arnold. Part II: Features of Distribution.
6. Biogeography of Neritic Benthic Foraminifera; S.J. Culver, M.A. Buzas.
7. Biogeography of Planktonic Foraminifera; A.J. Arnold, W.C. Parker.
8. Symbiont-Bearing Foraminifera; P. Hallock.
9. Foraminifera in Marginal Marine Environments; B.K. Sen Gupta.
10. Benthic Foraminiferal Microhabitats below the Sediment-Water Interface; F. Jorissen.
11. Benthic Foraminifera and the Flux of Organic Carbon to the Seabed; P. Loubere, M. Fariduddin.
12. Foraminifera of Oxygen-Depleted Environments; J.M. Bernhard, B.K. Sen Gupta.
13. Effects of Marine Pollution on Benthic Foraminifera; V. Yanko, et al. PartIII: Geochemistry of Shells.
14. Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes in Foraminiferal Carbonate Shells; E.J. Rohling, S. Cooke.
15. Trace Elements in Foraminiferal Calcite; D.W. Lea. Part IV: Preservation of Record.
16. Taphonomy and Temporal Resolution of Foraminiferal Assemblages; R.E. Martin. References. General Index. Taxonomic Index.


From the reviews:
"This is now the definitive, authoritative text on applied foraminiferal micropaleontology and should be in the library of all practicing micropaleontologists."
(William A. Berggren, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Micropaleontology, 47:1 (2001)
"During the last 20 years there has been an explosion of publications about foraminifera from an amazing variety of disciplines: basic cell biology, algal symbiosis, biomineralization, biogeography, ecology, pollution, chemical oceanography, geochemistry, paleoceanography, and geology. This book summarizes contributions by leading researchers in these diverse fields. It is not just another text on the biology of foraminifera. Rather, Barun Sen Gupta has accomplished his objective to "write an advanced text for university students that would also serve as a reference book for professionals"."
(Howard J. Spero, University of California at Davis in Limnology and Oceanography, 45:8 (2000)
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