Waste Treatment in the Process Industries

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Increasing demand on industrial capacity has, as an unintended consequence, an accompanying increase in harmful and hazardous wastes. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive reference on the technologies and strategies available for waste treatment in specific industries, four esteemed editors gathered to produce the highly popular Handbook of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment. Derived from the second edition of this handbook, Waste Treatment in the Process Industries outlines the fundamentals and latest developments in waste treatment in various process industries, such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, rubber, and power. It also includes management, disposal, and bioassay issues for a complete treatment.


IMPLEMENTATION OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT, L.K. Wang and Donald B. Aulenbach Introduction Definitions of Industrial Ecology Goal, Role, and Objectives Approach and Applications Tasks, Steps, and Framework for Implementation Qualifications of Industrial Ecologists Sustainable Agriculture, Industry, and Environment Zero Emission, Zero Discharge, Cleaner Production, Waste Minimization, Pollution Prevention, Design for Environment, Material Substitution, Dematerialization, and Process Substitution Case Histories of Successful Hazardous Waste Management Through Industrial Ecology Implementation BIOASSAY OF INDUSTRIAL AND HAZARDOUS WASTE POLLUTANTS, S.Y. Selivanovskaya, V.Z. Latypova, N.Y. Stepanova, and Y.-T. Hung Introduction General Considerations Microbial Tests Tests with Fauna Species Algae Tests Plant Tests Commercial Standard Bioassays: Toxkit Tests Application of the Bioassays for Assessment of Toxicity of Solid Waste Application of the Bioassays for Regulatory Requirements of Effluents Conclusions IN-PLANT MANAGEMENT AND DISPOSAL OF INDUSTRIAL HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES, L.K. Wang Introduction Management of Environmental Hazards at Industrial Sites Management of Air Quality at Industrial Sites Management of Water Quality at Industrial Sites Management of Hazardous Solid Wastes at Industrial Sites Disposal of Hazardous Asbestos Monitoring and Analysis of Air, Water, and Contaminated Materials Hazardous Waste Generator Status and Regulatory Requiements Storage Tank Inspection and Leak Detection Emergency Preparation and Response Management of an Industrial Site Classified as a Very Small Quantity Generator Management of an Industrial Classified as a Large Quantity Generator or a Small Quantity Generator Management of Hazardous Industrial Waste from Medical Offices: An Example Management of Hazardous Industrial Wastes from Graphic Arts, Printer, And Photographers: An Example Recycling of Hazardous Industrial Wastes as Waste-Derived Fuels APPLICATION OF BIOTECHNOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL WASTE TREATMENT, J.-H. Tay, S.T.-L. Tay, V. Ivanov, and Y.-T. Hung Biotreatability of Industrial Hazardous Wastes Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Combined Anaerobic Aerobic Biotechnological Treatment Enhanced Biotechnological Treatment of Industrial Hazardous Wastes TREATMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL WASTES, S.K. Gupta, S.K. Gupta, and Y.-T. Hung Introduction Categorization of the Pharmaceutical Industry Process Description and Waste Characteristics Significant Parameters in Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Waste Recovery and Control Treatment of Pharmaceutical Wastewater Operational Problems and Remedial Measures Environmental Protection Agency Effluent Limitations for the Pharmaceutical Industry Summary and Conclusions TREATMENT OF OILFIELD AND REFINERY WASTES, J.M. Wong and Y.-T. Hung Oil Production Oil Refining Waste Sources and Characteristics Environmental Regulations Control and Treatment Techniques for Oilfield Wastes In-Plant Control and Treatment Techniques for Refinery Wastes Pollution Prevention and Hazardous Waste Minimization TREATMENT OF SOAP AND DETERGENT INDUSTRY WASTES, C. Yapijakis and L.K. Wang Introduction Impacts of Detergent Production and Use Current Perspective and Future Outlook Industrial Operation and Wastewater U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Wastewater Control and Treatment Case Studies of Treatment Facilities TREATMENT OF TEXTILE WASTES, T. Bechtold and Y.T. Hung Identification and Classification of Textile Wastes Fiber-Specific Processes End-of-Pipe Treatment Technologies TREATMENT OF PHOSPHATE INDUSTRY WASTES, C. Yapijakis and L.K. Wang Introduction Industrial Operations and Wastewaters Impacts of Phosphate Industry Pollution U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Wastewater Control and Treatment Case Studies of Treatment Facilities TREATMENT OF PULP AND PAPER MILL WASTES, S. Sumathi and Y.-T. Hung Pollution Problems of Pulp and Paper Industries Nature and Composition of Raw Materials Used by Pulp and Paper Industries Pulping Processes Composition of Spent Pulping Liquors Toxicity of Pulping Liquors Pulp Bleaching Processes Toxicity of Spent Bleach Liquors Strategies for Pollution Control in Pulp and Paper Industries Pollution Reduction Through Plant Process Modifications Treatment of Pulp and Paper Wastewaters Treatment of Waste Gas Emissions From Pulp and Paper Industries TREATMENT OF PESTICIDE INDUSTRY WASTES, J.M. Wong Introduction The Pesticide Industry Waste Characteristics Environmental Regulations Control and Treatment for Pesticide Manufacturing Wastes Control and Treatment for Pesticide Formulating Wastes TREATMENT OF RUBBER INDUSTRY WASTES, J.R. Taricska, L.K. Wang, Y.-T. Hung, J.-H. Tay, and K.H. Li Industry Description Plant-Specific Description Pollutant Removability Treatment Methods Treatment Technology Costs TREATMENT OF POWER INDUSTRY WASTES, L.K. Wang Introduction Industry and Subdivisions Wastewater Waste Treatment Treatment Technology Costs Plant-Specific Examples
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