Papers for the People

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Revisionist perspectives on the role of Chartist presses throughout the United Kingdom and Australia (1838 to the late 1850s) in the campaign for democracy in Victorian Britain and overseas are surveyed in this anthology of essays from noted specialists in the history of Chartism.


Prof Aled G Jones: introduction- Chartist Journalism and Print Culture in Britain 1830-1855, Dr Joan Allen: The Late Chartist Press in the North-East of England, Glenn Airey: Feargus O'Connor, Ernest Jones and The Labourer, Owen Ashton: The Western Vindicator and Early Chartism, Dr Malcolm Chase: Illustrative Material in the Northern Star, Prof. W.H. Fraser: The Chartist Press in Scotland, Dr Michael Huggins: Denouncing Mr O'Connell and His Humbug Repeal Association: the Irish Dimension, Dr Paul Pickering: Rediscovering the Colonial Chartist Press, Prof Edward Royle: The Cause of the People: Moral Force Chartism and the Revolutions of 1848.


Joan Allen is Lecturer in Modern British History at the University of Newcastle and has published essays on Chartism and the co-operative Movement; Owen Ashton is Professor of Modern British Social History at the Staffordshire University. This is the third title he has contributed to the Chartist Studies Series

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