Nematodes as Biological Control Agents

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This book documents and illustrates major developments in the use of nematodes for the biological control of insects and slugs. It covers the use of three main types of nematodes: entomopathogenic nematodes, entomophilic nematodes and slug-parasitic nematodes. The biology, commercial production, formulation and quality control, application technology, strategy and safety of each of these three nematode groups is discussed. The book also examines the application of nematodes in different cropping systems, and the efficacy of nematodes against specific pests. The potential of predatory nematodes to control plant-parasitic nematodes and mycophagous nematodes to control fungal pathogens is also reviewed.


PART I. NEMATODE MORPHOLOGY AND TAXONOMY; Morphology and Taxonomy of Nematodes Used in Biocontrol - S P Stock, University of Arizona, USA, and D J Hunt, CABI Bioscience, Surrey, UK; PART II. ENTOMOPATHOGENIC NEMATODES; Biology and Behavior - C Griffin, National University of Ireland, UK, N Boemare, Universite Montpellier II, France, and E E Lewis, Virginia Technology Institute, USA; Mass Production - R-U Ehlers and D I Shapiro-Ilan; Formulation and Quality - P S Grewal, and A Peters, e-nema GmbH, Germany; Application Technology - D J Wright, Imperial College London, UK, A Peters, S Schroer, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany, and J Patterson Fife, Battelle Memorial Institute, USA; Forum on Safety and Regulation - R-U Ehlers; Lawn, Turfgrass and Pasture Applications, P S Grewal, A M Koppenhofer, Rutgers University, USA, and H Y Choo, Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea; Glasshouse Applications, M Tomalak, Institute of Plant Protection, Poland - S Piggot, Littlehampton, UK and G B Jagdale, Ohio State University, USA; Nursery and Tree Application - R W H M van Tol, Wageningen-UR, Wageningen, The Netherlands and M J Raupp, University of Maryland, USA; Mushroom Applications - S Jess, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland, H Schweizer, Queen's University of Belfast, and M Kirkpatrick, NIHPBS Loughgall, County Armagh, UK; Orchard Applications - D I Shapiro-Ilan, L W Duncan, University of Florida, Lake Alfred, USA, L A Lacey, USDA-ARS, Washington, USA and R Han, Guangdong Entomological Institute, Guangzhou, China; Soft Fruit Applications - R S Cowles, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, USA, S Polavarapu, (Deceased), R N Williams, Ohio State University, USA, A Thies, e-nema, France, and R-U Ehlers; Vegetable and Tuber Crop Applications - G Belair, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Canada, D J Wright, and G Curto, Servizio Fitosanitario Regione emilia-Romagna, Italy; Cereal, Fiber, Medicinal, and Oilseed Crop Applications - H E Cabanillas, USDA ARS, USA, R J Wright, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA and R V Vyas, Gujarat Agricultural University, India; Forestry Applications - P Torr and M J Wilson, University of Aberdeen, UK and S Heritage, Forestry Research, Northern Research Station, Roslin, UK; Applications for the Control of Pests of Humans and Animals - I Glazer, Volcani Center, Israel, M Samish, Kimron Veterinary Institute, Bet-Dagan, Israel, and F G del Pino, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain; Application for Social Insect Control - D H Gouge, University of Arizona, USA; A Systems Approach to Conservation of Entomopathogenic Nematodes, M Barbercheck, Pennsylvania State University, USA, and C W Hoy, Ohio State University, USA; Interactions with Plant-parasitic Nematodes - E E Lewis and P S Grewal; Compatibility and Interactions with Agrochemicals and Other Biocontrol Agents - A M Koppenhofer and P S Grewal; PART 3. ENTOMOPHILIC NEMATODES; Application of Beddingia siricidicola for Sirex Wood Wasp Control - R A Bedding, CSIRO, Australia and E T Iede, EMBRAPA Florestas, Brazil; The Entomophilic Thripinema - J E Funderburk and K Sims Latsha, University of Florida, USA; Mermithid Nematodes - E G Platzer, B A Mullens, University of California, Riverside, USA and M M Shamseldean, Cairo University, Egypt; PART 4. SLUG-PARASITIC NEMATODES; Biology, Production, and Formulation of Slug-parasitic Nematodes - M J Wilson and P S Grewal; Field Application of Slug-parasitic Nematodes - A Ester, Applied Plant Research Ltd, The Netherlands and M J Wilson; PART 5. PREDATORY NEMATODES; Potential of Predatory Nematodes to Control Plant-parasitic Nematodes - A L Bilgrami and C Brey, Rutgers University, USA; PART 6. FUNGAL FEEDING NEMATODES; Potential of Fungal Feeding Nematodes for the Control of Soilborne Plant Pathogens - N Ishibashi, Saga University, Japan; PART 7. CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS; Critical Issues and Research Needs for Expanding the Use of Nematodes in Biocontrol - P S Grewal, R-U Ehlers and D I Shapiro-Ilan.
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