Fishery Co-Management: A Practical Handbook

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Dezember 2005



During the last decade, there has been a shift in the governance and management of fisheries to a broader approach that recognizes the participation of fishers, local stewardship, and shared decision-making. Through this process, fishers are empowered to become active members of the management team, balancing rights and responsibilities, and working in partnership with the government. This approach is called co-management. It provides ideas, methods, techniques, activities, checklists, examples, questions and indicators for the planning and implementing of a process of community-based co-management. It focuses on small-scale fisheries (freshwater, floodplain, estuarine, or marine) in developing countries, but is also relevant to small-scale fisheries in developed countries and to the management of other coastal resources (such as coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass, and wetlands).


* Introduction; Why This Handbook?; What is Community-based Co-management?; What is a Process for Community-based Co-management?; Who Are You and What is Your Role in Community-based Co-management?; * Pre-Implementation; "Beginnings" or Pre-implementation; * Implementation; Community Entry and Integration; Research and Participatory Research; Environmental Education, Capacity Development and Social Communication; Community Organizing; Co-management Plan and Agreement; Conflict Management; Co-management Plan Implementation; * Post-Implementation; "Turnover" or Post-implementation; * Conclusion; Making it Happen!
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