What Is a University?

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Dezember 2005



The aspirations that professors have for their students are critiqued in this analysis of modern universities. Noting the deterioration in the quality of a college education, it is argued that the universal ideal of wisdom has, in recent decades, been sacrificed for the mere acquisition of knowledge. A case is made for universities to rethink what they take for granted as a proper education and incorporate not only traditional subject matters--philosophy, science, literature, and art--but also the philosophies of life, nature, time, food, sex, and death.


Peter Milward studied at Oxford. Since moving to Japan in 1954, he has taught English literature and Western culture, with emphasis on the plays of Shakespeare, at Sophia University, Tokyo. He is at present Professor Emeritus of Sophia University and Director of the Renaissance Institute, Tokyo. He is author of several authoritative books published in England and America on religion in the Shakespearean age, as well as on the poet G.M.Hopkins.


"Makes clear society and the individual student are impoverished by an education that neglects spiritual realities and moral values." --"Church of England Newspaper"
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