Consuming Sustainability: Critical Social Analyses of Ecological Change

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September 2005



Examining several contemporary environmental controversies--including water consumption, food safety, and air pollution--this guide illustrates how a critical perspective can aid in understanding such complex social, economic, and political issues. Key concepts in environmental social science are introduced to clarify controversies and address broader questions such as "How do our consumption decisions affect ecosystems?""Can we rely on governments to maintain environmental well being?""Do those living in rural areas see the environment differently from urban dwellers?" and "Is sustainability possible?" The discussion both examines the disputes and demonstrates that ecological problems and their solutions are as much social and political as they are scientific. Activism resources at the end of each chapter are included as are suggestions on ways to reduce individual ecological footprints.


Debra Davidson is an assistant professor of environmental sociology, with a joint appointment in the department of rural economy and the department of renewable resources at the University of Alberta-Edmonton, Canada. Kierstin Hatt teaches sociology at the Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta.
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