Capturing Change: Globalizing the Curriculum Through Technology

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September 2005



New approaches that include the creative use of technology will help students understand and appreciate those who live in different cultures. The purpose of this book is to provide these approaches by offering: three models for globalizing the classroom, activities that utilize technology, and research on globalizing the curriculum.


:Anne Sauder Wall is an assistant professor of education at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in instructional technology. Carlette Jackson Hardin is a professor of education at Austin Peay State University and has served as president of the National Association for Developmental Education. Ann Shelby Harris is a professor of education at Austin Peay State University and has taught in the public schools for a number of years.


With its focus on the nexus between global education and technology, this book will make a useful addition to most teachers' bookshelves. It is well structured for teachers, with sections addressing philosophical, theoretical and pedagogical discussions separated from instructional strategies. British Journal of Educational Technology Wall et al. introduce adding a global dimension to education for K-12 students and its significant connection to technology. They explain how to incorporate technology in classroom teaching using the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers from the International Society for Technology in Education, how to implement a global curriculum, with special emphasis on individual subject areas, and using a unit approach. Reference and Research Book News
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