Charleston Conference Proceedings 2004

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November 2005



The Charleston Conference Proceedings 2004, document what is arguably the most influential and highly thought of conferences in the U.S. library world. Always well attended and managed, the Conference attracts the leading figures of both the library world and the businesses that service libraries, including publishers--both paper and electronic-- jobbers and aggregators. Its focus is collection management, but the topic is misleading now that traditional collection management has been expanded to include electronic publications of all sorts. Each year the speakers and topics are outstanding and 2004 was no exception. Indeed, the Conference seems to get better each year. The theme of the 2004 conference, "All the World's a Serial" provided the focus for a wide variety of papers and presentations in collection development, Journals, The Book, Technology, Personell Issues, Consortia, Budgeting, and Books on the Internet.


"Since it is impossible to attend every session presented at the conference, the book is beneficial to those who attended. It also gives a good overview of each session so that those who did not attend can see what is covered and plan future visits. The topics of database evaluations and open access are especially timely and worthwhile. All of the sessions are described thoroughly and in a succinct manner. It is an easy and worthwhile read for those in the business of acquisitions." - Doody's Book Review Service
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